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Raw & De-Icing Salt

De-icing of roads with sea salt in winter conditions reduces the occurrence of slippery road ice, and in general it improves the safe driving conditions.

Washed Marine Salt

Washed Coarse Salt Without any contaminating materials used for chemical industries, Tinning, Dyeing, Alimentary industries and Food industries

Rock Salt

Rock salt mine in Siwa or Qattara Depression provides unique access to an almost pure deposit of naturally occurring Rock Salt

Refined Table Salt

Fine white crystals high quality Iodized and non Iodized Refined & sterilized Used for Table and Food According to International specifications.

Pure Dried Tablets Salt

Premium Quality Compacted Salt, This Product used for Water Softeners, The specification is assured by an audited Quality System to ISO 9001:2000, so Ensuring Consistent Performance.

Refined Kitchen Salt

Coarse white crystals high quality Iodized and non Iodized Refined and sterilized Used for Kitchen, Food industries and Drilling according to international specifications

TRUST TRADE Sea Salt & Rock Salt Products are available and can be delivered in bulk as well or Packed in 25-50 Kgs (P.P & P.E Inside) or Big Bags of 1000 Kgs.

The above mentioned salt Products is delivered by us in various grain sizes depending on requests and needs of the customer, and on technical requirements.

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